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Do you have a favourite place to swim? Do you think you could write about it? We want to know your thoughts and feelings about a swim location you rave about. We all have our different reasons for enjoying a swim. You might enjoy a location because of the scenery, the water quality, the people you go with, its ease or difficulty of access? You can write a review of no more than 500 words. In return you would be in with a chance of winning a signed copy of one of our favourite reads, ‘Swimhiking in the Lake District and North East England’ by Peter Hayes.


Read All About It!

So our Swimathon is just around the corner. On the 28th of April we will be taking to the waters of Lake Windermere to raise money for charity. Open Water Swimming Club are looking for as many people as possible to come down and swim a mile in Lake Windermere. Today we are are very excited to have been featured on the Westmorland Gazette website with this great article.

Click here to read the article

It also give us the opportunity to tell you about our new partnership with Lakes Leisure Windermere. We have teamed up with Lakes Leisure so that we may have a base for the Swimathon and for other future events. We are really pleased and thankful in being given this opportunity to use facilities and have access to the water that will benefit our events and the people who attend them.

It's just over two weeks until the Swimathon so if you haven't registered on the the website, its not too late. However you can just turn up on the day and offer a donation (suggested minimum £5). All proceed go to Sport Relief. For further details check out our events page or our facebook page -

Long Awaited Relay is a Success!

We have put together a video and had an article written about us that we'd like to share. View the video below and please read the article about our day swimming the entire length of Lake Windermere. Click For Article

We Love Our Lakes.


Without the wonderful water to swim in we would be a little lost at Open Water Swimming Club. As the Lake District plays host to so many visitors and local sports enthusiasts, we ultimately have a measurable impact on the area around us, including the quality of our lakes. We all have a vested interest in keeping our lakes clean and well preserved.

Windermere Reflections is a 3 year program that’s aim is to restore the largest fresh water lake in
England. With their main focus on Lake Windermere and the surrounding areas that feed this lake, including tarns and nearby lakes, the program is a massive undertaking and needs support from local businesses and citizens in order to succeed in its initiative. As open water swimmers we obviously want to spread the word and give support to this noble and challenging project.


A Huge Event for Swimmers!

Our open water swimathon takes place on Saturday 28th April at Lakes Leisure Windermere.

Swimathon is a huge event that gives swimmers of all abilities, around the country, the chance to raise money for charity and challenge themselves. Every year thousands of swimmers take to hundreds of pools across the country, to swim a variety of distances for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Swimathon has also teamed up with The Big Splash for Sport Relief to bring you another category of swims and a choice in who you can raise money for. The event has been running since 1986 and has been responsible for raising over £36 million in funds for charity.

"Swimathon provides motivation and a personal challenge to swimmers nationwide. It also offers a goal to train for, a target to achieve and a great cause to support." Duncan Goodhew, Olympic Gold Medalist and Swimathon President.

Here at Open Water Swimming Club we want to give swimmers the chance to do a mile distance at Lake Windermere.