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Sarah Wheater Reviews the Great Manchester Swim

This was my first open water event of the year (after the Great North Swim was cancelled the previous week) and my second ever race, so I'm still a bit new to this game!

We arrived in plenty of time for my 11am wave, and thanks to a good race pack the parking was straightforward at Salford Quays. This was my home turf, having swum many times at Salford Watersports Centre, so I wasn't worried about the water. I was worried about my lack of training, though!



Way back in January it seemed like a great idea to enter the Monster Swim – it sounded a bit different, possibly a bit more challenging than the average event, and includes a trip to a beautiful part of the country. All that was true, but as the day drew closer it began to dawn on me that the trip from Sheffield to Inverness could probably be more of a challenge than the swim itself. Thanks to some good planning by a friend, the trip (drive, followed by 3 trains) turned out OK, and we turned up at Dores Beach on the side of Loch Ness at the appointed hour on Saturday morning.


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queenie-festival IOMThe Isle of Man is truly warm place and I don’t mean the weather. The warm welcome and over whelming feeling of positivity from the island stayed with me long after the novelty of the 3 hour ferry ride had worn off.

We had ventured across the Irish Sea for the IOM Queeine (scallop) Festival and Celebration of the Sea.


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