queenie-festival IOMThe Isle of Man is truly warm place and I don’t mean the weather. The warm welcome and over whelming feeling of positivity from the island stayed with me long after the novelty of the 3 hour ferry ride had worn off.

We had ventured across the Irish Sea for the IOM Queeine (scallop) Festival and Celebration of the Sea.


The Isle of Man Queenie Festival, in its 4th year, results from the passions of local folk with a liking for the great seafood and fabulous marine environment around the Isle of Man.  The festival takes place in the pretty neighbouring villages of Port Erin and Port St Mary on the south tip of the Island.


The Queenie festival is a marine celebration bursting with history, sport, culture, food, conservation and wildlife.

The weekend started with kayaking and a beach party, continued with a sea swim, food demonstrations, stalls, beer tent, more food, marine touch tanks (fantastic) and rounded off with a good ole Ceilidh.... and another sea swim.

port erin swim

There was a lot more to see and do over the weekend for families, folk and such but we were mainly attracted there for the sea Manx Mile Sea Swim.

The race on the Saturday was a ‘country’ mile in a super clear sea, which at times felt like swimming in an aquarium. Well organised, friendly, wetsuit or non-wetsuit, weed free and mega-weed sections, lumpy sea and great swim caps. J

With so many reasons to go back, I am already looking forward to next year.


Andrea Tucker, Lake District, Cumbria. 29th June - 1st July 2012


IOM Napkin Map queenie-festival golden queenie

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