womens 2XU v2 wetsuitTriathlete and swim coach Claire Wilson reviews the 2XU V2 Velocity Womens Wetsuit.

I gave the V2 wetsuit its first race outing at the Capenwray Clearwater Spring Triathlon
Despite it being a rather tight fit (something I'd purposely chosen in the hope of a bit of extra speed!) I was surprised how much freedom of movement I had around the shoulders, especially once I'd got in the water and warmed up a bit.




capernwray dive centreThe water temperature was around 14 degrees but as the wetsuit only lets in a very small amount of water it warmed up really quickly and I soon felt as if I was swimming in the pool (only with better scenery). As the race started I immediately felt some extra length to my stroke from the very thin neoprene on the shoulders and the catch panels on the forearms, which give you a really good feel for the water.


As I looked up to sight the first buoy I realised I was following the lead canoe, which gave me a push to kick a bit faster! The propulsion panels on the legs seemed to keep my kick in just the right place, as I often find wetsuits designed for tri-athletes hold my legs out of the water in an uncomfortable postion, as they're quite buoyant anyway. I exited the water in the lead and the arms slipped off really easily, again down to the super-flexible material, and i was soon out on my bike after what felt like a very easy T1.

In all I loved the attention to detail on this suit, it had a very natural feel in the water, unlike some suits which make you feel like you're bobbing about on top of the water! I'd definitely recommend the 2XU V2 wetsuit to an intermediate to advanced swimmer or triathlete looking to upgrade from an entry level suit.


Claire Wilson. Swim Coach + Gear Tester

Womens Winner of the Capenwray Spring Triahlon 2011.
Editors note: This was Claires first Triathlon in her new 2XU V2 and her first triathlon Win.

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