trifinderThe 2XU T2 Wetsuit wins 'Ultimate Performer Award', Reviewed by group test for wetsuits under £300 May 2011

Test Winner - 2XU T:2 - £220 - Medium Small


'the winner of our Ultimate Performer Award is the 2XU T:2 suit which out shone the rest, it's technically advanced, fits like a second skin, has perfect buoyancy, looks the part and will save you time in any swim and at only £220 it's also phenomenal value'.

This wetsuit has a nice, sleek look with its unique grooves down the torso, it feels well made and the seam welds look strong.

2xu t2 wetsuit review

The wetsuit felt really good on dry land and the fit was excellent once I got swimming, the low neck line was great, and I couldn't tell I was wearing it - in fact the only real give away was the speed that I was swimming with ease. This wetsuit is ideal for a neutral buoyancy swimmer.

When we did our Grab Test there was about 4" clearance from the lower back.

This wetsuit features quite a simplistic catch panel on the forearm, and rather unique velocity strokes down the front that apparently improve your streamlining through the water - its hard to tell whether that is actually the case whilst you are swimming but it certainly felt very quick in the water.

Back out on dry land the wetsuit was off in a very satisfactory 5 seconds, in fact it would probably come off even quicker with a bit of practice.

With no shortcomings, a great fit and some nice features this wetsuit is an excellent choice for a swimmer with neutral buoyancy in the water.

Comfort/feel in the water: 10/10

Quality: 9/10

Accuracy of sizing/fit: 9/10

Technical extras: 10/10

Value for money: 9/10

Overall: 9/10


Winner of our Ultimate Performer Award -

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